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07.09.2004 11:58:09
Web site Updates?

CKD Expert is a new web site, we started this web site in late August(2004) and we are putting the priority on new CDL's to be placed in the CDL library. These CDL's are to be for KeyCreator version 3. We currently have around 30 CDL's to post and are working on more as I right this post.

So please keep checking back to see if you like what you see!

09.09.2004 06:40:16
new test1 just testing
09.09.2004 12:50:55
test2 New Test!!!!!
23.10.2004 10:18:35
Level list Right Click> Select All> Right Click> Display
Its More Clicks but it gets the job done!
23.10.2004 10:22:17
Mouse Buttons Those are the 4th and 5th buttons on a five button mouse, if you don't have them reassigned to something else in your mouse driver.
Other users have those buttons configured for the shortcut keys for "Back" and "Forward" in IE, and map those same shortcut keys to View Back and View Forward in KeyCreator, for example.
23.10.2004 10:25:31
Ordinate Dimension Problems

Try the tab key after you select the dimenson string. The tab key should step through each dimension in the string.

By definition, aligned ordinate dimensions are always aligned. If you don't want them to be always aligned, shouldn't you be using an unaligned ordinate?

23.10.2004 10:27:49
Plotting on Keycreator 3.0.1 Turn on Windows Task Manager prior to plotting, and go to the Performance tab. Note resource use before you hit OK to plot, then what happens to the Commit Charge. If you see little memory change afterward, and still get the message, you may want to increase the size of your swap file. As Peter noted, you may have insufficient virtual memory to soak up the HP output ... similar to floppy disk days when you tried to write a file to a floppy that was nearly full, and your file was just 1 Kb too large. That said, Windows 2000 or XP should dynamically acquire more swap file space when needed.

HP drivers have so many options, you may have to do a more intensive review of plotter and driver settings.

And, since it's a shaded model, do you have Use Background Image for Rendering set in Tools > Options > Print/Plot > Modify Configuration? If you don't, plotting can take 7-8 times as long. Use Print/Plot preview to check how long display of the shaded image takes, compared to display with the setting off. If you plot from Print/Plot preview, does it take long to do so after the image is displayed?
23.10.2004 10:31:45
Autolabel roundoff You will find 2 ways to control round-off.
The first is whatever you have in your detail settings pop-up. Look at the representation tab.
Secondly you may specify a saved dimension detail setting in autolabel configuration. Look in the vertical, horixontal, arcs, and circles tabs. Check the dim setup box, then speify your saved dimension settings file. You save a dimension setup file from the detail setting pop-up.
23.10.2004 11:02:03
Import part This is part of my macro to import borders
and it does work in layout mode.

SPRINT $Border,"B Size Border"
SPRINT $File,"T:\Borders.ckd"
IMPORTPART $File,$Border,1,1.250,.750,0,0,1,1
23.10.2004 11:05:01
call strlen, call strcopy They have removed the "call" portion of these In 3.0 , but they do exist in 3.0.1.
23.10.2004 11:07:08
CIRDIM - TEXT STRING? Use somthing like this:
SPRINT $LabelText,"BREAK ALL EDGES\n1/32 R."

I am not sure if the "/n" will cause the line return in a string. However you can try!
23.10.2004 11:08:39
CIRDIM - TEXT STRING? I sent you a CDL to Try It should do what you are looking for!
It does look as if the string function is broken for the Circle Dim!
23.10.2004 11:12:38
Retrieve Dimension Value The actual value is retrievable for llinear dimensions by looking at @refln[0][0] thru @refln[0][5]. Linear dimensions always measure along their X-Axis, so a difference of their X values will get you the desired result.

Yes, it is normal that the default values for the tolerances are 0.001. If you look in the Detail Settings dialog you will see that there is a value for the upper and lower tolerance even when None or Basic is selected as the tolerance type.

You will have to check the dimensions tolerance flag, @diminfo1[6], and exclude those that are either Basic or None to get the summation you want.
23.10.2004 11:14:19
Retrieve Dimension Value Interesting. [0][5] should be the Z value of the end of the reference line. [0][3] should be the X value and therefore, the value.

Do you have a small sample you could send in so we can see why taking the difference is giving inaccurate results? Sounds like there's a bug in there somewhere that we might be able to ferret out.
16.11.2004 12:20:13
Problem getting to library files

Click on the Word “KEYCREATOR” later we are going to add some more options

However that is the only one for now.

So to recap Just click on the Word “KEYCREATOR”.

Let me know if that does not work for you.

Also when you post please check that your font color is set to somthing other then the back ground color.

Thank you for posting.

22.11.2004 07:45:16
Position in layout mode

Paris Yves,
My first guess is to make the inctance active before you use the macro.
I believe that it works just like the ordinate dimension does, you first have to make the instance active then select the options you want however remember that you cant go from one instance to another with out making the instace active agian.

Ken Harris

22.11.2004 08:16:39
Position in layout mode

Are you selecting Geometry or a point(not a "point") in space?
If you are then it is not associated to the instance.

I am just running through the options. 

22.11.2004 09:39:24
Position in layout mode

Can I ask what you  want the CDL/KXL to Do?
I had the same problem when I wrote a macro for getting some dimesions from layout mode and placing them as a note.

If I could know what your end result is maybe I could find you a work around!

27.11.2004 09:23:35
Web Site Content?

To all Cadkey/Keycreator Users:

We would like your input on the content that we are placing in this web site, so please reply back to this post about what you would like to see posted  for you and other users.
See examples below:

1. 3-D Solids
2. CDL/KXL Macros
3. CDE Programs with Source Code
4. Textures
5. Tutorials
6. 2-D Drawings

Well you get the idea! Any input from you as the user will make this site better to use for everybody!

Oh, And please be specific about what you would like to see!

27.11.2004 12:41:44
Netscape Problems Seems as if Netscape has problems with our site!
To all that use Netscape as there web browser for the time being please use Internet Explorer, we didn't know there was a problem with the login using Netscape.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please use Internet Explorer for the time being!

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